我们提供固定缴款(DC)养老金计划和退休解决方案, including outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO) services in many countries 世界各地. 我们可以帮你设计, plan and manage customised DC plans or implement a fully outsourced solution that aims to help you deliver on your business objectives while addressing the retirement needs of your workforce.


A defined contribution (DC) plan aims to minimise a firm’s exposure to the pension 风险, long-term financial uncertainty and volatility that are inherent in traditional defined benefit (DB) plans. However, DC plans can be complex and burdensome, and bring new 风险s and responsibilities. 还有投资, 雇主需要考虑治理问题, 风险, 成员敬业度和退休准备.

Building your optimal strategy starts with design and implementation and then involves managing or outsourcing the delivery of a plan that aligns your organisational objectives with workforce demographics. 最大化你的时间回报, 为计划所做的努力和贡献, 对雇主来说,为员工优化退休计划是很重要的. Engaging tools could help employees model their retirement outcomes according to changes in investment strategy, 退休年龄和缴费率.


We can help you find an optimal pension vehicle and investment structure that either is managed by your in-house teams or has certain elements outsourced to a third-party specialist. We can also suggest products that we believe will provide the right level of choice for employees, 同时与公司目标保持一致.

As employees reach various life milestones, their choice of investment strategy may change. We can help you establish a DC investment structure that provides the option for flexible asset allocation and balances 风险 and expected return at all stages of members’ working lives.

We can leverage our extensive and global industry research to provide you with tailored advice on investment manager and fund selection to support your chosen strategy. We also advise on emerging market trends and opportunities, along with new product innovation.

我们可以帮助您为员工提供最佳的投资策略, 找到合适的预期收益组合, 风险和分散投资. 我们以基金经理的业绩和收费为基准, 使您能够识别任何可以改善员工成果的变化领域.

We can help you develop a financial wellness programme that engages employees and helps them reach their goals for every stage of their financial lives.

我们可以帮助您监控您的固定缴款计划,以确保您掌握最高的吸收率, 贡献水平, 投资选择, 投资经理业绩和任何其他供应商业绩. 我们还可以帮助您完成合规任务. 


  • 你能接触到可靠的投资研究吗?
    我们不断调查, 测试和监控投资经理和产品, 世界各地, 为您提供最新的信息和想法.
  • 你有没有向专业投资人士寻求建议?
    Whether you want to streamline your plan or determine the right investment strategies to adopt, we can provide sound advice and guidance to help you optimise what you offer your employees and navigate the global provider landscape.
  • 您考虑过第三方解决方案吗?
    We can help you reduce the management and compliance burden associated with running your own self-administered plan, which could involve moving elements of managing the plan to third party packaged solutions tailored to your organisation, 和员工.


We benchmark 44 retirement income systems 世界各地, highlighting strengths and weaknesses.


We can help you deliver customised defined contribution (DC) plans that align with your business needs while providing your employees with a flexible investment opportunity. 我们还可以为您提供DC养老金的各个方面的支持, 从投资到管理, 使您能够将资源集中在核心业务上. 有些解决方案因地区而异. 98858威尼斯70570 找出你所在的地方有什么可用的.
  • 主的信任 

    我们在澳大利亚提供主信托解决方案, 英国, and Ireland and collaborate with Equiom Fiduciary Services (Middle East) Limited in the UAE by providing investment advisory and solutions and with Alexander Forbes in South Africa by providing investment solutions.
  • 美世智慧401(k)计划 

    一个完全外包的退休计划解决方案,旨在减少复杂性, 与管理固定供款计划有关的成本和信托风险. 美世 acts as a named fiduciary responsible for the operation and investments for the plan. 在美国我们提供401(k)计划.
  • 美世智慧PEP

    寻求降低计划成本的联合雇主计划, 改善获得创新投资管理的机会, 并将行政和信托负担转移给第三方. We can help you evaluate the potential benefits and drawbacks and determine the best vehicle for you. 我们在美国提供美世智慧PEP. 


A growing number of employers are choosing to work with specialist investment providers to help them manage their defined contribution (DC) pension commitments. 虽然这种方法在世界各地有很多名字——外包CIO, OCIO, 授权解决方案, fiduciary management – the aim is the same: to offer solutions that enable plan providers to meet their goals more efficiently.

通过外包模型, 雇主和其他供应商保持着对关键决策的控制, 比如策略, 计划设计和资产配置, 留下技术和战术任务, 包括投资经理的选择和监控, 尽职调查和监督, 给像美世这样的第三方专家. We offer a range of outsourced pension and retirement solutions tailored to our client needs all 世界各地. 98858威尼斯70570 了解更多.



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